The story of a small isolated island.Mass outbreak of mice on the island.The troubled islander brought a weasel from another town.The released weasel ate up the mouse and began to do bad things in search of food.

The islanders, who were in trouble because the fields and livestock were devastated, sought wisdom from their teachers.

"This time I'm going to release Itachi's natural enemy, the fox."

"No, plant a tree in the center of the field. The tree will restore the island."

As the tree grew larger, the weasel's badness stopped suddenly, and the island regained its calm.

The hawk of the watchman settled there.Many people look only the problematic part.The solution is not always there.

A more holistic perspective is needed, for example planting trees.

At Taneru, we will realize the activities of people who learn from nature and live in harmony on the premise of protecting the natural environment, and through our handicrafts, we will accumulate opportunities to lead to the future.













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